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December 13, 2017
About Us

 Representing the Best Police and Corrections Managers and Supervisors in the World 

The Las Vegas Police Managers and Supervisors Association (PMSA) represents the police and correction sergeants, lieutenants, and captains of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).  We are an independent union which acts as the collective bargaining unit for our members during contract negotiations with the Department and manages a variety of other projects. These projects include: representation during internal investigations, grievances, policy violations, coordination of health and welfare benefits, political outreach efforts and community services initiatives for the benefit of our members and their families. 

The breadth of the association’s activities is wide, but above all else, we are an advocate for our members; the supervisor's who stand at the front line of the nation's most dynamic city.

Early Leadership

The PMSA formally known as Police Captains and Lieutenants (PCL) represented only police lieutenants and captains.  Eventually the police sergeants joined and a new name was formed to now be known as the PMSA.  The PMSA continued to grow with the addition of the corrections supervisors.  Today the group represents both police and corrections sergeants, lieutenants, and captains.

Two former sheriffs of the LVMPD, Sheriff Bill Young and Sheriff Jerry Keller, served as Chairman of the PMSA.   Retired Lt. Joe Greenwood and Retired Sgt. Tom Plehn both have served terms as the Chairman as well.

A New Vision

Today the PMSA is led by a team that is dedicated to bringing a new vision and a new set of accomplishments to a union that has a great foundation. 

The Board of Directors consisting  of Sergeant Michelle R. Jotz, (Chairman), Sergeant Russ Wood  (Vice Chairman), CO Captain Rich Forbus (Treasurer), Sergeant Kurt McKenzie (Secretary), Captain Chris Tomaino (Sgt-At-Arms), Captain Pete Boffelli, Sergeant Kenny Dezler, Lieutenant Noah Grimm, CO Sergeant Kevin Kegley, Sergeant Troyce Krumme, and Sergeant Annette Mullin have set forth on an aggressive course of organization-building and advocacy for our membership.


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